The Right Private School, The Right Philosophy

by NYC Firm Schools on September 21, 2009

Though there are a few parents who choose their child’s NYC Private School based on name recognition alone, most parents understand the importance of matching their child’s needs with the school and what it provides. One way to better understand a school, its goals and its missions is to look at the school’s educational philosophy.

A School Philosophy can range anywhere from strictly traditional to highly religious, to open and innovative and everything in between. The choice of schools that you and your child make shouldn’t be based upon which philosophy sounds the best to you, however; what interests you may not be the best educational experience for your child. Knowing your child, and understanding the school, you should come to the right match.
When you research potential Firm Schools, reviewing websites and printed literature is often the first research that parents do to prepare themselves and their children for the coming admissions process.

General School Philosophy Examples

  • The artistic, innovative approach: Often unstructured and highly individualized, this type of school philosophy would be a good match with a student who has strong artistic tendencies and does not perform well in rigid environments.
  • The dedicated athletic program: For the student who is motivated and dedicated to a sport, you will keep their focus with a school philosophy that has a physical educational excellence on par with an academic education. A school with a highly competitive athletics program would be a great fit.

Remember that school philosophy is more than a mission statement. It is an educational lifestyle and will dramatically affect your child’s private school education.

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