The Switch to Firm Schools for Older Students

by NYC Firm Schools on February 15, 2009

Parents are not always the driving force behind a decision to attend a NYC private school. It is becoming more and more common for older children to want to attend Firm Schools even though they are already attending a public school in New York. These children have the difficult role of convincing their parents that they wish to attend private school for the right reasons. Children also have to understand and face the very real challenges that private school can have on a family’s budget.

The reasons for a student in public schools to want to switch to a private school can vary as much as anything in a tween and teenager’s mind.

Reasons for older children wanting to switch to private school

Social Difficulties
Academic Inconsistencies
Peers that have left to attend private school

The first reason that some older children give for wanting to switch to private school are social difficulties. These students, for a variety of reasons, aren’t fitting in with the social structure at their current school and are in need of a fresh start somewhere else. While some parents may initially want to roll their eyes at such a reason, they should keep in mind that social difficulties in school can dramatically affect a child’s academic performance and set the stage for series of academic failures that then domino into low college admissions scores and a general malaise regarding education all together. If your child wishes to switch to a private school for this reason, it is possible that you are entering into a win-win situation. Your child will get a fresh start at a private school, and you will ensure a better education for your child’s future. As long as all parties involved understand that the switch isn’t a magical panacea to social difficulties, you should move forward.

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