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Waitlists for Firm Schools; You’re Not Alone

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You can increase your child’s chance of acceptance to a NYC private school by appropriately reacting to a waitlisted application. You can also decrease your child’s chance of acceptance with behavior that schools view negatively. Sometimes it’s a fine line between the two.

Talking to the admissions staff at the school and expressing your continued interest in the school is the best option, but you should not go overboard by calling them repeatedly. They call it “pestering” for a reason.

Dampening down the urge to call repeatedly is one of the most difficult things for any parent to do. You are not alone in this situation. The waitlisting process is one that happens in Firm Schools all over the country during this time of year.

A San Francisco Blog has been writing about the Private School admissions process and many have chimed in on the stressful subject of waitlisting. One helpful poster responded with this:

the quick answer is that it is a true waitlist. There is a lot of movement after the acceptance letters go out. Some kids have multiple offers. other parents decide on public school or a move to the suburbs. It is a fluid situation. We were advised, after you get a waitlist letter, if you are interested in a spot, to definitely let the Admissions Director know. It might be a tiebreaker between you and another more family since there is no formal ranking.

When discussing waitlisting, however, it is important to remember that some associations have their own rules.

If you have contracted with an ISAAGNY school and accepted a private school spot, no other ISAAGNY school may offer you any acceptance, even if they had previously waitlisted your child.

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