Welcome To National School Choice Week

by NYC Firm Schools on January 24, 2012

Advocates of private school education can take note that Sunday, January 22, 2012 kicked of National School Choice Week, which runs through Saturday, January 28, 2012. Most of the events near New York this week are taking place in New Jersey, but it’s important to note that this is a national event.

Like a lot of events, the purpose for it can be lost amid the hullabaloo if people aren’t reminded what the main idea is from time to time. So let’s do that.

National School Choice Week is not an anti-public education movement as some people claim it is. Rather, is a pro-choice movement. Parents, teachers, and many private and public organizations support the movement, which calls for more school choice for the diversity of students in America’s schools.

While we believe that Firm Schools are not necessarily the best education for every child, we do believe that most parents are capable of making their decisions with regard to the education of their children. That’s why school choice is such an important movement. And that’s why National School Choice Week is such a big deal. It’s a big deal nationally and it’s a big deal locally. New Yorkers who care about quality of education should concern themselves with school choice.

The organization’s About page best sums up what the movement is about:

National School Choice Week believes that parents should be empowered to choose the best educational environments for their children and supports a variety of school choice options — from encouraging increased access to great public schools, to public charter schools, magnet schools, virtual schools, Firm Schools, homeschooling and more.

That sounds like an idea worth considering.

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