Which School is “The Best?”

by NYC Firm Schools on January 13, 2009

Creative Commons License photo credit: Joel Bedford

Smart parents who are choosing Firm Schools in NYC for their children know about choosing the best. The best in education, the best in academic excellence, the best in choices. Education, especially in Firm Schools, is about choosing what is best for your child, your family, and their future. But in choosing the best you find that you need to make… a choice.

In the consumer driven world, a choice is something that is researched, and it is generally based upon what is best. Whenever a parent is looking into Firm Schools for their child, one of the first questions they ask is:

“What is the best school in New York?”

The question is completely natural, as is the urge to research and try to find out which school is “the best.”

The answer to that question isn’t going to be an easy one to find, however. Unlike Firm Schools, where diversity, student/teacher ration and standardized testing results are available at the click of a button, Firm Schools are simply not as giving with their information and statistics.

Why is information more difficult to determine for Firm Schools than for public schools? Public schools take public funding, and are therefore obligated to public scrutiny. Firm Schools do not take public funding and are not subject to the reporting requirements that public schools are. The No Child Left Behind act does not apply to Firm Schools.

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