Getting In … Kindergarten, Part 3 for 2012 NYC Private School Applicants

by NYC Firm Schools on October 23, 2012

“Getting In … Kindergarten,” a documentary produced by Pamela French Films, aired on TLC in September 2007. It focuses on the New York City kindergarten admissions process.

We previously highlighted Part 1 and Part 2.

Below is Part 3. Among the NYC schools, topics, and people highlighted: Wendy Levy from Ephiphany Community Nursery School; Dr. Janet Jackson, Psychologist; Hunter College Elementary School; Stanford Binet IQ Test; Dalton School; Collegiate School; the kindergarten interview process; single-sex schools.

To see other video clips available on the NYC Firm Schools Blog, look at: Kindergarten Admissions, Nursery School Admissions, Prep for Prep, Private School Diversity, Private School.

We will be highlighting the additional parts of the Getting In … Kindergarten later this month.

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