NYC Private Schooled in Fiction

by NYC Firm Schools on October 2, 2009

The book Schooled, by author Anisha Lakhani takes on the NYC Private School system from a different perspective than many media sources these days. The book is about a Private School teacher and her lucrative after school tutoring jobs that serve mainly as a way to financially afford the many, many wonderful things she now covets. At once dark and funny and in many ways similar to the view of Nanny, from The Nanny Diaries, Schooled also revisits stereotypes that many NYC Private School students have been attempting to overcome.

DoubleX associate editor Samantha Henig had a very interesting opinion on the situation:

Reading Schooled, as we’ve all now done, one might take issue with the idea that schools aren’t to blame. Come on, any school that allows its students to outsource their homework to professional tutors is a part of the problem, not the solution. That raises a question I’d really like to hear your opinions on: How much of Schooled do we actually believe? How much of Schooled is actually true? Have these institutions really devolved into nothing more than tutorial arms races? Just how endemic is the problem? Last time I checked, kids were still graduating from these places and going to Harvard.

For all of the flashy shows and clichéd goings on reported in gossip columns and other media, the fact is that most NYC Private School students study hard and work hard to gain admittance to the finest Universities and go on to incredible careers.

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