NYC Firm Schools’ Famous Alumni

by NYC Firm Schools on July 31, 2009

While most of the most important discoveries and achievements in our world are usually those left unreported and unread to the masses, generally recognized fame does come in many forms. From the highly recognized to the highly recognizable, many famous persons are often cited as NY Private School graduates.

Here are some of the most popularized Firm Schools and their notable alumni:

Convent of the Sacred Heart

Lady Gaga, singer; Gloria Vanderbilt, artist and heiress; Ethel Skakel Kennedy, widow of Sen. and former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy; Alix Smith American photographer.

The Dalton School

Actors Chevy Chase, Claire Danes, Jennifer Grey and Christian Slater; Samuel Ray Delany, Jr., American author, professor and literary critic; Hannah Higgins, American writer and academic

Stuyvesant High School (which is actually a public school)

Paul Cohen, mathematician; Brian Greene, String Theorist; Eric Lander, Genomic researcher; and actors Lucy Lui, Tim Robbins and James Cagney


William Gage Brady, Jr., a chairman of National City Bank; Jim Carroll, author, poet, autobiographer, and musician; John McEnroe, professional tennis player. Attendees include Humphrey Bogart, actor Truman Capote, novelist and screenwriter; Jennifer Connelly, actress; and Yo Yo Ma, cellist.

Collegiate School

Peter Bogdanovich, filmmaker and author; John F. Kennedy Jr, Son of President John F. Kennedy; David Duchovny, actor and director; Ben Rhodes, Deputy Director of Speechwriting and Chief National Security Speechwriter for President Barack Obama.

Spence School

Gwyneth Paltrow, actress; Marjorie Lake Post, philanthropist; Rita White Matthews, scientist and explorer.

NYC Firm Schools have their share of fame and high achievement, with the next generation on the way.

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