NYC Siblings Make New York Transportation Easier

by NYC Firm Schools on July 24, 2009

Transportation for NYC families and students can be nothing short of a nightmare when you have to juggle the need for a child to get to school and a parent to work. Many people have tried to find a solution to the problem and, while there is still no one perfect solution, two enterprising New York siblings have developed an app that overcomes one more hurdle in the process.

Roseann Colleti, writing for the Huffington Post, reported on a NYC brother and sister who developed an application to make your subway ride a little less complicated and a bit faster.

Just when you’re tired of hearing about new apps for your iPhone, here’s one that can actually help out a New Yorker underground. A brother and sister team by the name of Jonathan and Ashley Wegener tell me they spent months checking out subway stops to better inform you where to stand so you can get where you need to go on the train.
The app is called Exit Strategy NYC. Jonathan and Ashley spent many an hour riding trains and mapping stops, but the long ride may just have paid off. Exit Strategy was the featured iPhone application in the App Store, the first time for a local.

The application includes exit, transfer and elevator locations and even operating hours. The app helps users decide which exit to use and which transfers to take.

First pick a subway line, then choose your direction, uptown or downtown, and then select your destination. No worries, even if your phone loses service, and it probably will underground, Exit Strategy does not require an Internet connection. While others frantically scan large and frequently confusing subway maps to find where they need to go, you can search by pressing the buttons on the small device in your hand.

The price of the app is now $2.99, less than the cost of a round-trip on the subway, and you can download the convenience from not only your iPhone and Blackberry, but also GI phone and Kindle.

Getting around NYC by subway was just made a little easier, thanks to two young NYC entrepreneurs.

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