School Uniforms and the Fashion Police

by NYC Firm Schools on November 19, 2009

As more and more entertainment magazines, books, movies and television shows are focusing on the Private School world, many parents are finding themselves planting a foot firmly on the side of promoting school uniforms.

My daughter spends more time studying what clothes are cool and what can’t be worn anymore than she does studying for tests. She told me last week that she needed an entirely new wardrobe because she didn’t have anything to match pink patent leather Topsides. If I could get her mind off her clothes for just a moment, I think she could see what a smart and talented person she is.

Keeping up with the school fashion police has been an issue for students for generations, but the added disadvantage of having Hollywood enter the battlefield has pushed fashion into finding new trends every week rather than every year. Keeping ahead of the curve in fashion has, for many students, become a full obsession.

Students need to focus on their academic work and leadership skills in order to compete in the future, however a preoccupation with fashion becomes a parody of showing leadership and individuality. Many schools are taking this distraction out of the students’ hands by insisting they focus on school during school, and keep fashion on their own time. School uniforms are on the rise.

Parents are becoming more vocal in their support of a Uniform dress code in Firm Schools, as are some of the true leaders in school student bodies.

It is possible that some parents are only becoming more vocal about Uniform Policies because the fashions of their own youth are now making a disturbingly fast comeback. As one mother said,

“I’d rather she wore a School Uniform than repeat the fashion disaster that was my generation.”

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