The Art Of Going To The Movies

by NYC Firm Schools on June 28, 2011

What do you get when you cross teenage angst with an elite Manhattan private school? Answer: “The Art of Getting By.”

The movie starring Emma Roberts, Julia’s less illustrious though still beautiful niece, hasn’t exactly received rave reviews. But the reviews haven’t been all bad either. The New York Times gives it a firm “ehh, OK.” In other words, it has its moments, but don’t write home about it.

The movie’s been out just long enough to have audiences talking about it, but they’re not exactly giving it great reviews either. If they’re talking, that’s good.

The exciting thing about “The Art Of Getting By” is that it actually is set in New York and features main characters who are relatable teens. They aren’t extraordinary people, by any means, but what teenager is? The story has some believable moments even if the characters don’t exactly say or do anything extraordinarily witty.

You can classify it as a dramedy, or a somewhat-geeky-romantic-comedy. However, don’t expect Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan performances.

Still, you have to have some respect for a teenage boy who reads Camus (do most teenage boys even know who mid-20th century existentialist was?).

“The Art Of Getting By” is rated PG-13 for language and sexual situations (after all, we are talking about teenagers). Your high school sons and daughters may like it, and could possibly relate to the characters. But I won’t make that promise for you.

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