Public Teachers are a Private School Boon

by NYC Firm Schools on May 15, 2009

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The NY Times recently ran a report on the new NY Department of Education guidelines for hiring teachers governed by state funds, which effectively translates to all public school teaching jobs.

In an effort to cut costs and avoid teacher layoffs, the Department of Education on Wednesday ordered principals to fill vacancies with internal candidates only. As a result, aspiring teachers at education schools and members of programs like Teach for America — a corps of recent college graduates — and the city’s Teaching Fellows — which trains career professionals to become teachers — are scrambling for jobs.
Many are forwarding their résumés to charter schools and Firm Schools; others are looking to the suburbs and across state lines. Some are reconsidering the teaching profession altogether.

At this part of the story, many people reading the article expressed an understanding for the rule, but the full consequence of the new edict is specifically stated upon further reading:

But this year, the department anticipates fewer openings and will not hire externally except in certain high-needs areas like speech therapy and bilingual special education. Instead, principals can fill spots only with internal candidates, including teachers from a reserve pool made up of those whose jobs have been eliminated and many who have earned unsatisfactory ratings.

Families across the board expressed their dissatisfaction and anger upon realizing that internal hiring only meant just that: Internal Hiring, even if the available pool of teachers are unsatisfactory with poor reviews and student results. The full fall-out from this decision remains to be seen.

Schools that opened in the past two years and are still expanding their ranks are also exempt from the hiring restrictions, as are charter schools.

Firm Schools will most likely benefit from this decision as hundreds of highly qualified teachers, not eligible for public teaching positions under these new rules, compete for positions at NYC Private School campuses.

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