Athlete and Student Excels in Two Worlds

by NYC Firm Schools on February 16, 2010

Sports figures and Firm Schools are not always discussed in the same sentences, mostly because an academic focus is usually thought of as a separate thing altogether than an athletic focus. Because of the rigors of each, it is commonly believed that to be a true player on either of those fields requires a gift and a focus that has to be all consuming but there are some awe-inspiring stories of Private School students who have done the incredible to show their dedication, talent and personal drive on the field and in the classroom.

One scholar and athlete is making his difference in the world around him and inspiring to deserve praise and awe in those around him.

Myron Rolle, who graduated from The Hun School of Princeton in New Jersey, postponed his Professional Football career to attend Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship.
Rolle eventually wants to be a neurosurgeon and open a medical center in the Bahamas, where he has family roots. You might know the story, how he starred at Florida State and became one of the country’s finest defensive backs in 2008. And was even better in the classroom. And became a Rhodes Scholar, just like one of his mentors, Bill Bradley. And decided to skip the 2009 NFL draft to study abroad, delaying his pro football career by a year and costing himself quite a few dollars.

The Hun School of Princeton is a private, coeducational, secondary boarding school located in Princeton Township, New Jersey, in the United States.
The Hun School of Princeton participates in the Mid-Atlantic Prep League, a sports league with participating institutions from university preparatory schools in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania area.

A Private School education focuses on academic performance and the creation of life-long learners, thinkers and leaders. A Private School Sports program is also a backbone of the education of our youth, providing a physical outlet for passion, drive and dedication to excellence.

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