Ethical Culture Fieldston Leader Moving On

by NYC Firm Schools on January 11, 2010

The wildly popular leader of Ethical Culture Fieldston School, Mark J. Stanek, has announced his plans to the leave the school and NYC in favor of heading back home to Boston. He was hired on to be the head of the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in 2008 and will be completing his 2 year contract and leaving in June. His news of departure has been met with disappointment and sadness from many parents, students and staff members.

Mr. Stanek and his spouse, David Clarke, who has served as a consultant for the proposed Greenwich Village High School, plan to return to Boston where Stanek is slated to become the director of the Shady Hill School in Cambridge, MA.

The Ethical Culture Fieldston School is a highly competitive but tightly knit school in NYC which prides itself on both academic and personal excellence from its students. The school places a high value on inclusion and economic and in order to contribute to its unique cultural and character diversity and beliefs. The school itself considers service to be a critical factor in the development of character and incorporates community service into the school’s curriculum from the earliest years.
Academically, students are challenged to reach their highest potential in body, mind and spirit through the humanities, sciences, the arts and physical education. Students are expected to become active learners and engage in their community.

Parents have expressed their disappointment in the resignation news of their very popular and loved leader, however, the school will not go without a principal. The board has appointed Joyce Evans, interim principal of one of the two elementary divisions, to serve as interim head of school for the 2010-2011 school year. There are still plans for the school to search for a permanent replacement for Mr. Stanek.

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