Greening NYC with Educational Programs

by NYC Firm Schools on March 20, 2010

While outsiders may see a maze of concrete around the city, New Yorkers see the parks and gardens that bring nature into the city in springtime, even if it needs a little help now and then.

There are many different Greening projects that are undertaken each year and the warm, springtime breeze really gets everyone’s thoughts turning to growing, greening and being outside.

New York City Community Garden Coalition is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1998, tasked with the mission to promote the preservation, creation and empowerment of community gardens through education, advocacy and grassroots organizing.

The New York Botanical Garden offers many classroom-oriented projects, partnerships and educational programs, including Guided Learning Explorations.

Guided Explorations in the Adventure Garden provide grade-specific, themed programs that meet state and national learning standards and align with the New York City Scope and Sequence. Led by trained staff, students use their senses and take-home field notebooks to engage in an inquiry-based, hands-on approach to learning as they explore the galleries of the Adventure Garden.

Growing Hope Together is an inspiring initiative created to connect children, families, schools and communities with different cultures through gardening. The diverse groups are encouraged to exchange ideas and innovation while reconnecting with the local foodscape through an integrated school gardening program.

The goals of the program are:

Cultural Understanding-
Understanding and interacting with different cultures is a key skill for surviving in the world today. Cross-cultural interactions can help promote peace and understanding among peoples with very different customs and routines. By interacting over the common ground of food and eating, these youth will learn communication skills that will follow them through life.
Agricultural Literacy-
The project will improve knowledge and experience with agriculture, while introducing a greater variety of foods in the children’s diets.

The wind is growing milder and the days are getting longer, so go outside and look around to see how you can bring about a greener, healthier NYC, and talk to your child’s school about the difference they can make in their community.

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