Haiti Schools Struggle to Rebuild

by NYC Firm Schools on April 9, 2010

Schools in Haiti are slowly coming back to life, still struggling to provide an education for students who have been devastated by the earthquake 12 weeks ago. Many educational blogs and newspapers have carried the reports of humanitarian struggles in Haiti and in particular the difficulties and challenges facing educators who are trying to rebuild the schools.

The Education Ministry in Haiti has called for schools to resume classes, however, many schools, including the Education Ministry itself, had been destroyed and had yet to rebuild. The struggle to reopen schools, in buildings, tents and hallways, has been difficult. While some have been able to reopen, others have not received the supplies to do so, and still others have supplies, but no building or even tents in which to hold classes.

The Washington Post recently carried the story about those schools in Haiti working to rebuild and serve their students.

At the Lycee Marie-Jeanne state school, students turned up in freshly-pressed uniforms and polished shoes only to be told by their principal that the school building was not ready.

at the Holy Trinity School, whose principal, Joseph Tancrel Diegue, said he had not yet received tents promised by the education ministry.

Students at the Santa Rosa de Lima private high school were luckier, having received large tents to serve as classrooms.

Many individuals, corporations, governments and schools have donated funds and supplies in order to help Haiti rebuild, however, the management of such vast funds and the ability to channel them and track them appropriately will be difficult.

International donors in New York last week pledged nearly $10 billion for Haiti’s reconstruction. But some doubt the government can handle these funds effectively and the World Bank will supervise a Trust Fund for the rebuilding effort.

Rebuilding the entire educational system in a country ravaged by natural disaster will be difficult beyond imagining, however, the goal must be reached.


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