ICG Conference: But Does it Work? Debating an Independent Curriculum

by NYC Firm Schools on January 15, 2011

Participants from universities, independent, day, boarding, and charter schools from across the country are participating in the “But Does it Work?” conference today at The Calhoun School.

Independent Curriculum Group Conference: But Does it Work? Debating an Independent Curriculum
Saturday, January 15, 2011

at The Calhoun School

Sponsored by the Independent Curriculum Group
& The Institute for Human Development and Social Change at NYU

Jennifer de Forest, Upper School Director, The Calhoun School
Erin O’Connor, Assistant. Professor, Steinhardt School
of Education, NYU

Education researchers and practitioners will come together to share ideas, methods and experiences. Presenters will take us inside particular schools, they will present research findings, and they will offer theoretical and political arguments for independence to answer the conference’s overriding question, “But Does it Work? Debating an Independent Curriculum.”


Keynote Speaker – 9:30-10:15am

Dr. James J. Kemple, “The Role of Curricula in Student Achievement”
Dr. Kemple is Executive Director of the Research Alliance for New York City Schools and research professor at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at NYU.

Session 1 – 10:30-11:30am

But Does it Work? The Researcher-Practioner Partnership in Practice
Moderator: Kimber Board (NYU)
Clancy Blair (NYU)
Kathleen Clinesmith (Calhoun School)

The Hidden Curriculum of School Governance & Teaching Citizenship
Moderator: Dominic Randolph (Riverdale Country School)
Walter Heinecke (University of Virginia)
Casey Robinson (Woodlawn Secondary School)
Alan P Berger (Brooklyn Free School)

Engineering & Math in the School Curriculum
Moderator:le Allen (Trinity School)
Jose Gabriel Maldonado-Rivera (Pro Educacion Ambiental)
Andrew Stillman, Phil Hubbard (Columbia Secondary School)
Suzanne Fogarty, Liz Perry (Berkeley Carroll School)
Peter Yuk Li (NYU Poly)

Teaching for Historical Understanding

Moderator: Jenny Marien (Lehman College)
Angela Bermudez (Northeastern University)
Alan Stoskopf (Northeastern University)
Michal Hershkovitz (The Calhoun School)

Technology & Teaching – Blogs, New Media, & Virtual Assessments

Moderator: Arvin Grover (Hewitt School)
Jennifer Kirsch (Hewitt School)
Robert O. McClintock (Teachers College)
Jody Clarke-Midura (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

Session 2 – 11:40am-12:40pm

Taking Back Childhood

Moderator: Alexis Wright (Bank Street)
Nancy Carlsson-Paige (Lesley College)
Steve Nelson (The Calhoun School;)
Anna Hously-Juster (New York University)

Leading and Preserving an Independent Legacy
Moderator: Elizabeth Stevens (The Hewitt School)
Susan Semel (City College of New York)
Kate Turley (City & Country School)
Molly Perry (The Thacher School)

How Children Learn – Puzzles, Games, & Metacognition
Moderator: Rob Mancabelli (Trinity School)
Joanna A. Christodoulou (MIT)
Jonas Hamilton, Issiaka Diakite, Danny Isquith (The Calhoun School)

The Other Curriculum: Attending to Children’s Socio-Emotional Needs in the Classroom
Moderator: Robert Sherman (Novo Foundation)
Sandee McClowry (NYU)
Ashleigh Collins (NYU)
Janet Rotter (Studio School)

LUNCH (12:45-1:45)
An educative lunch with signature dishes by Calhoun chefs

Books by published panelists will be available for purchase

Editor of “Schools: Studies in Education”

Session 3 – 2:00-3:00pm

Selling Freedom: The Pitfalls and Promise of Implementing an Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Moderator: Bobby Rue (Calhoun School)
Panelists: John Love (The Ethical Culture Fieldston School)
Wally Levis, Jim Cullen (The Ethical Culture Fieldston School, NYC)

Eating Better/Learning More: How to Break Stride with the Traditional Lunch Program
Moderator: Chef Bobo (Calhoun School)
Toni Liquori, Professor (Teachers College)
Nancy Easton (Wellness in the Schools)

Disciplinary Learning at the Urban School
Moderator: Lavern McDonald (Calhoun School)
Jonathan Howland, Rebecca Shapiro, Algis Sodonis, Henri Picciotto (The Urban School)

Using Teacher Action Research to Inform Policy & Practice
Moderator:le Allen (Trinity School)
Frances Rust (University of Pennsylvania)
Maureen Burgess (Hewitt School)
Nancy Gannon (NYC Department for Education)

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