Making Way for Private School

by NYC Firm Schools on December 4, 2009

The right building space is always at a premium in New York, and NYC Firm Schools are forever jockeying for the right buildings in the right areas with the right amount of space to accommodate their student body today and in the foreseeable future.

A well known Brooklyn blogger, Pardon Me for Asking, recently wrote about the changes in laws that will potentially allow a private school to build over their garden frontage, destroying the character of the area and providing a dangerous precedent of development.

PMFA wrote:

Hannah Senesh Day School claims that two years after moving into its new facility at 342 Smith Street, it is already running out of space and wants to expand their building. They have asked to be allowed to build onto their (paved over) front garden along First Place.

A 150 year old plus law, protecting the “gardens” in Carroll Gardens, is about to be thrown away by Bill De Blasio.

The man who was quoted on the Front Page of one of our local newspapers as recently as Nov 20 saying the character of CG was so “very important to him” appears to be back peddling in a major way.

“Today we are seeing the voice of the community in action. Stopping the 333 CArroll Street development from becoming another out-of-scale development is an important step in protecting the historical character of Carroll Gardens.”

Brooklyn usually holds jealously all of the natural beauty that it can, and having this old Brooklyn Law in question is putting many in a confrontational mood.

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