New Firm Schools and Private Beginnings

by NYC Firm Schools on April 21, 2009

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New Firm Schools in New York aren’t always the sprawling campuses or the modern high rise. Many times they begin with the dreams of the founders and a real estate transaction for a relatively private beginning. Indeed it seems more feasible for a new Private School to open on a smaller scale rather than risk it all on a grand campus requiring the dependence on massive financial backers.

Last week it was announced that a two-story building between Austin Street and Queens Boulevard was purchased in order to open as a private school this coming year, as reported by

Massey Knakal Realty Services has facilitated the sale of a 3,240 square foot property in Queens, N.Y., for $2 million.

Nick Petkoff of Massey Knakal Realty Services represented both the buyer and seller in the transaction.

The two-story building is located at 108-21 72nd Ave. located between Austin Street and Queens Boulevard, and is going to be used to open a private school. The property is 20 feet wide and contains an additional 10,452 buildable square feet.

Many assume that the real estate transaction is to facilitate the new Queens Paideia School, which has an aggressive opening date of this upcoming fall. carried an article about the new Private School in recent story.

When Forest Hills resident Karyn Slutsky and Manhattan resident Francis Mechner open their alternative school in September, they hope it will be a haven for students who they believe have not reached their potential in mainstream public or Firm Schools.

“We will create a situation in which kids take responsibility for their own learning, in which learning is something they do for themselves instead of something that is done to them,” said Mechner, a psychologist based out of Manhattan.

Mechner and Slutsky’s institution, The Queens Paideia School, will open its doors this fall and will provide an education for about 10 students ages 7 to 12. Slutsky said she and Mechner, who have a son together, have not decided on a location as of yet, but they said the school will likely be situated in western Queens.

The Queens Paideia School has not stated that they have secured a location for their school, and the real estate agent will not state the names of the buyers, however many agree that the intimate building would be well suited to the new and very focused private school in NYC.

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