New Firm Schools and Unconventional Leadership

by NYC Firm Schools on March 14, 2009

The subject of new Firm Schools in NYC is a popular one as applications still far outnumber the availability of open spots in the Firm Schools themselves. New Firm Schools are often opened after years of hard work and planning by families, investors, educators and boards of directors. One new private school making the news, however, is a new school in California being run by actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

The ran the following article about the New Village Leadership Academy that opened last fall.

(Jada Pinkett Smith) actress-producer-musician and her husband, Will Smith, opened the New Village Leadership Academy last fall. The private school, for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, has 60 students, according to the Web site.
Pinkett Smith hopes to open a companion campus for upper grades.
“My plan is to eventually have a high school,” Pinkett Smith said. “I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m just trying to make it through this year.”
Pinkett Smith, who is set to star in and executive produce a new series on TNT, said she decided to open the elementary school after creating a home-school program for her children, 10-year-old Jaden and 8-year-old Willow.
“More and more parents were like, ‘Can we come?’” she said. “Then my house started to fill up. We had like 20 kids and I said, ‘We might as well start a school.’”
The New Village Leadership Academy generated some controversy when it was first announced because it relies on instructional methods developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The school’s director has said it isn’t a Scientology facility.
Hubbard’s “study technology” is a secular course akin to a Montessori approach, the Web site says.

This new Private School is sure to be the subject of discussion and controversy by educators and families alike.

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