Nominate Your Favorite NYC Teacher For A Blackboard Award!

by Shamur A. Khen, Ph.D. on March 26, 2011

So often, we seem to find time to focus on deficits, weaknessess, things that go wrong, ways in which people seem unhelpful, etc. We often don’t seem to find as much time to recognize strenghts, celebrate ways that things go right, appreciate people who are helpful, etc.

If you are willing to spare a few minutes, then there is an opportunity for you to celebrate and appreciate someone important in your and your child’s life — his or her teacher.

The Blackboard Award for Teachers is still accepting nominations for NYC public, private, religious/faith-based, and charter school teachers who make a difference in your child’s life. The teachers can be from any grade level — from nursery school through high school. The awards culminate with a free gala event in June which honors these amazing teachers within NYC’s public, private, religous/faith-based, and charter school communities. Here is a list and profile of previous award winners.

Among things you may want to consider when nominating this teacher:

  • Why does your child love going to his or her class?
  • How does this teacher contribute to the school community?
  • What are this teacher’s strenghts?
  • What makes him or her special or unique?
  • How has this teacher gone above and beyond what you or your child expected?
  • In what ways has this teacher impacted or made a meaningful contribution to your child’s life?
  • Why will you or your child miss this teacher when your child moves to the next grade or graduates?
  • Why is this teacher’s methods so innovative?

NYC is full of amazing educators who deserve to be celebrated and appreciated. Please spend just a few minutes to identify these educators and let the Blackboard Awards committee know what makes them so special.

Deadline for nomination is Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 5pm.

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