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NY Prep School St. Francis in the News

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New York Firm Schools are often in the news, however the recent reports of swine flu in a New York private school has put one school in the news on an international level.

As the NY Times reported yesterday,

The New York City health department dispatched a team of investigators to a private school in Queens on Friday after dozens of students complained of symptoms that officials believed were consistent with a strain of swine flu that has swept Mexico City.
The agency said about 75 students at St. Francis Preparatory School had complained Thursday of nausea, fever, dizziness and aches and pains. Several of the students were said to have recently traveled to Mexico, where as many as 61 people have died and possibly hundreds more have been infected in an outbreak of swine flu in recent weeks.

Today, the World Health Organization reported that 8 of the students have so far tested positive for mild swine flu.

The St. Francis Preparatory School has found itself at the center of a nationwide focus on the flu is becoming a larger concern, however for 140 years, the school has been the focus of many New Yorkers as an excellent facility for traditional education.

The proud traditions of St. Francis Preparatory School stretch back 140 years to a simple building on Baltic Street in Brooklyn, New York. There, in the Fall of 1858, the doors of what was then St. Francis Academy opened for the very first time. The school has twice relocated, first in 1952 to North Sixth Street, again in 1974 to its present location in Queens, and has since been providing intellectual and spiritual growth to young men and women who seek the finest Catholic education available.
The Franciscan traditions of peace, love and respect for the individual, community, and environment are the fundamental building blocks of the St. Francis Prep Education. The abilities of our students are nurtured and strengthened in an environment centered around the teachings of Jesus Christ. St. Francis Prep is a community of learning and teaching, committed to maintaining the standard of excellence which has been in place since its founding.

The St. Francis Preparatory school is sure to be a fixture in the news during the foreseeable future, however it is hoped that their tradition of academic excellence and fine student body is also kept in mind.

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