NY Schools and the Importance of AED Programs

by NYC Firm Schools on May 4, 2009

drewzhrodague - 0507 - AED automatic external defibrillator from hell
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Outfitting every private and public NYC school with a AED, or Automated External Defibrillator, may seem confusing to some people that only associate school facilities with healthy young adults not prone to heart conditions, however that isn’t always the case.

Schools are a unique gathering place for a diverse group of individuals from all age ranges, not just students. Teachers, staff, parents and the general public are all gathered inside and around schools at community meetings, sports events and local benefits. Schools often have large, sprawling campuses that can prevent quick access by EMS crews in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, and so the importance of having an AED on hand is even more imperative. In fact, for every minute of delay between cardiac arrest and defibrillation, the victim’s chance of survival drops by 7 to 10 percent.

This month, Cintas Corporation announced the winners in it’s AED program.

100 Schools Receive Free Automated External Defibrillator through Cintas Scholastic Grant Program.
Cintas Corporation today announced the 100 winners of its Scholastic AED- Automated Engineering Design Program. Each winning school will receive a complimentary ReviveR[TM] automatic external defibrillatorautomatic external defibrillator Smart defibrillator Cardiology A device designed to monitor the heart’s electric activity and, if ventricular fibrillation is identified, deliver an electric shock.

Selected by an independent panel of judges from more than 600 applications, the winning public and Firm Schools from across the nation best demonstrated their school’s need for an AED within their facility and how they will develop and implement an AED program at their school.

Four schools in New York were recipients of this program:

  • Scotia-Glenville High School Scotia NY
  • Ridgeway White Plains NY
  • White Plains High School White Plains NY
  • Laurens Central School Laurens NY

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