NYC Students Rally Together

by NYC Firm Schools on October 31, 2009

NYC students are known for fierce independence and determination, so it should come as no surprise that many of them are organizing official public protests against Regulation A-812, commonly called the Bake Sale Ban.

The NYC Students blog, written by students in the city, announced a call for a public protest against the ban on bake sales. The protest is set to begin on Friday, November 13th, from 2-6 n front of City Hall.

The official Department of Education regulation A-812 is a surprisingly controversial regulation that regulates what foods can be sold in schools during school hour until 6:00 p.m. No outside foods can be sold at all, which effectively negates the once profitable tradition of group/club/organization bake sales used for club funding. Many school clubs rely on bake sales for almost all of their funding.

Students were not forewarned about this ban so that bake sales could be phased out over time while other methods of fundraising were introduced. As reported in the Village Voice, two high school seniors are organizing a petition against the ban. There are also Facebook groups being created in protest.

It’s not just students who are protesting the regulation. The Village Voice quotes Beacon English teacher Sarah Fink: “There is no budget for after-school programs. Bake sales are pure profit. The ingredients are cheap, and the students can do it themselves.”

Protests organized by independent NYC Students include the Fordham protests earlier this year, and the thousands that stood out for a war protest in March of 2003.

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