P.A.L. Workshop #2 (Fall 2012): Gifted & Talented Education in NYC: A Roundtable Discussion About G&T Programming

by NYC Firm Schools on October 15, 2012

The P.A.L. (Parents of Accelerated Learners) 2012-2013 Workshop Series

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The P.A.L. monthly workshop series helps parents of accelerated learners understand important topics relevant to their child’s cognitive, social & emotional development. Experts and practitioners in the field of gifted and talented education and parent advocates will join our panels for a dialogue with you about educating and nurturing these unique learners. The workshop series was launched in Spring 2011.


Is gifted and talented education really that different? With all the frenzy around G&T tests each year, and not enough seats to accommodate the number of students, what does it mean to be a gifted and talented program? Can a high-scoring gen ed public school help kids reach their highest potential? Do Firm Schools better serve this population with their smaller class size and course offerings? Is charter school or home schooling an option for an advanced learner? How do Hunter, citywide schools and districtwide G&T schools differ? How can G&T learners –regardless of program- connect with like-minded peers and take advantage of local learning and mentoring opportunities?

Join New York Family Magazine Editor Eric Messenger as he moderates a panel of principals and parents to explore answers to these questions and more about G&T Education in New York City. This session is ideally suited for parents interested in pursuing or are enrolled in a gifted and talented program in NYC.

Eric Messinger is the editor of New York Family Magazine, which covers issues and trends in education, and also sponsors the Blackboard Awards, which honors local schools, principals, and teachers of excellence. His children have attended three G & T public schools (Lower Lab, Nest, and Hunter), and one neighborhood school (158).


  • Andrea Fisher is a Bankruptcy Litigation attorney in New York, and along with her husband Ken, are parents to 3 children: a son age 12, who has attended the Anderson School since Kindergarten and two girls, ages 15 and 10 who attend the Brearley School. She loves to travel and write about travel and has been a contributor to New York Family Magazine.
  • Douglas Morse is a Professor of Media Studies and Film at The New School. Doug’s movie, The Kindergarten Shuffle, follows parents through the kindergarten admissions processes with a special focus on Gifted education. His son Zeke is now a fourth grader at NEST+m. For further information on the film, please visit www.kindergartenshuffle.com
  • Kathleen Slocum is the president of the PTA at TAG Young Scholars, and parent of a first grader at TAG. She lives in Washington Heights and is an attorney at the non-profit Sanctuary for Families, and co-founder of the non-profit Restore NYC.
  • Micaela Bracamonte is the founder and director of The Lang School, a K-8 private special education school for gifted children with learning differences, such as ADHD, dyslexia, Aspergers, anxiety, and sensory processing challenges.
  • Dr. Devi Enerio-Ellant is a foot specialist and surgeon at the Brooklyn Family Health Center. Her children attend Hunter College Elementary School and Speyer Legacy School, both self-contained gifted and talented schools. She is currently pursuing a school for her youngest child.
  • Jen Seron, a G&T homeschooling expert and science curricula writer, is involved in state-wide advocacy efforts via AGATE, Advocacy for Gifted and Talented Education. She is also P.A.L.’s go-to guru on NYS legislative issues that affect G&T education.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 @ 6:30 pm- 8 pm
Downtown Community Center at 120 Warren Street between Greenwich Street and West Street in Tribeca.

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