Political Asylum for Educational Choice

by NYC Firm Schools on January 30, 2010

America tends to be much more open-minded when it comes to educational choices for children, and a recent ruling has upheld one family’s desire to home school their children even if it mean leaving their own country behind.

A German family fled to America in 2008 after they were told that they could not home school their children. Under German state laws, children are required to attend either public or private school. Home schooling is not permitted or recognized. In fact, after this family tried to home school their children, authorities physically took the children away and forced them to attend public school against their will.

ABC news carried the story about the family, who was just granted Political Asylum to educate their children by homeschooling in the U.S.

German family who claims they were repeatedly harassed for home schooling their five children were granted political asylum in the United States in what some are calling an unprecedented move by a U.S. immigration judge.

Uwe Romeike and his family fled to Memphis, Tenn., in August 2008, after years of what they argued was persecution over their desire to pull their children out of public and Firm Schools and home school them.

A transcript of the court proceedings were not immediately available, but Donnelly said that Judge Lawrence Burman stated in his opinion that he was granting the Romeikes political asylum because he believed they had been persecuted because of their religion as well as their membership in a social group, in their case a group of home schooling parents.

In the United States, Political Asylum is only granted under certain conditions. An individual must prove that they were persecuted for at least one of five reasons. These reasons are race, political opinion, nationality, religion, and membership of a social group.

When you choose to send your child to a public school, a private school, or an alternate home schooling option, remember that choice for education is important, and some parents have gone to great lengths to have it.

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