Private School Gets a “Sun Day”

by NYC Firm Schools on April 1, 2010

The occasional snow day for NYC Students is usually met with celebration. If outside activities and fun are a little chilly and require a parka to enjoy, most kids think that is a fair trade for a day off of school. Come springtime, a season of being cooped up or bundled up wears as thin as the lining on everyone’s winter boots, and a day to enjoy the warm spring air is usually just wishful thinking. For some students, however, that wish came true.

For students at the Bellingham Christian School, located in the Pacific Northwest, which is a non-denominational Christian school serving Preschool through 8th grade children, a sunny day was a gift. They got a day off last week because it was a beautiful, sunny day.

The school’s website stated:

Good morning students, parents and staff. Yes, It’s a Sun Day! Wahooo. That’s right, school is CANCELLED today due to good weather! Enjoy!

Of course, not every day off can be equally enjoyed, as the Adult Corporate World can be a little harsher when it comes to Spring Fever. For those children with families who could not take the day off of work, the school did have staff onsite to stay with and play with children who had no day care or sitter for the day.

Spontaneity is a wonderful and marvelous quality and it is refreshing to see that, every once in a while, even grownups look out the window and decide that playing hooky isn’t such a bad thing after all.

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