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Questions and Answers About Bravo’s NYC Prep

The spotlight will soon shine again on NY private and public schools when Bravo’s NYC Prep premieres on Tuesday, June 23 at 10pm.

Although Bravo has not “officially” released the students names and the schools they attend, multiple sources, including The New York Post, have released the information.

Here is the cast, the schools they attend, and some new info. from BravoTV.com:

Camille Hughes, 17, a junior at Nightingale-Bamford School on the Upper East Side

The scoop: Getting into the right college is a must for Camille, who can be found studying for exams and preparing for the SATs. But it’s not all about getting into Harvard for her. She makes time to hang out with friends, go to upscale restaurants, and shop at high-end stores. Quick-witted Camille might come off as purely prim and proper, but she also likes to let loose at parties and clubs.
Camille says: “In Manhattan gossip flies really, really quickly.”
Fun fact: When it comes to crushes, she likes the “bad boy thing.”

Peter “PC” Peterson, 18, a senior at The Dwight School on the Upper West Side

The scoop: PC is not your average teenager. He’s one of the most popular kids on the scene and a frequent attendee of the city’s hottest parties. Jaded and privileged, PC runs with a fast-paced crowd and lives in a world of wealth, women, and exclusivity. But college is approaching, and it’s time to see if there’s more to life. PC is also Jessie’s ex, so stay tuned to see if their complicated relationship will cause some friction.
PC says: “Following the crowd is the worst thing you can do.”
Fun fact: PC traveled to the Sudan to do community service.

Jessie Leavitt, 17, a senior at The Dwight School on the Upper West Side

The scoop: The show’s resident style maven, Jessie is determined to pursue a career in fashion PR. Not only is she applying to FIT, she’s taken on demanding internships with high-end designers. Outspoken Jessie also loves to throw parties, especially for charitable organizations. Her focus is “Operation Smile” and she’s set on raising money for the cause using her public relations know-how and fabulous NYC connections.
Jessie says: “My favorite places to go out are unknown. That’s why they’re my favorite.”
Fun Fact: Jessie’s favorite movie is “Pretty Woman.”

Kelli Tomashoff, 17, a junior at Birch Wathen Lenox on the Upper East Side

The scoop: A newbie to the NYC Private School scene Kelli recently moved from the Hamptons to the Upper East Side. She describes herself as independent, and lives with her brother in an NYC apartment as her parents spend the majority of their time in Long Island. Kelli’s life isn’t all about high-end restaurants, drivers, and parties. She’s an aspiring singer who’s passionate about a career in music.
Kelli says: “Kids are kids. Kids are the same everywhere. Girls can be bitchy.”
Fun fact: Kelli likes to shop at the store she works at in Westhampton. She gets a 20% discount!

Sebastian Oppenheim, 16, a sophomore at the Ross School in East Hampton

The scoop: Sebastian is the ladies man of the group. When he’s not meeting New York’s hottest girls, he’s playing sports or participating on his school’s debate team. He’s also a certified lifeguard and a member of the school newspaper. Sebastian has a way with women, and he’s “more into hooking up than dating,” so get ready to see his pick-up artistry in action.
Sebastian says: “I really feel like New York City shapes kids and teens a lot faster.”
Fun fact: Sebastian’s mom cuts his hair!

Taylor DiGiovanni, 15, a sophomore at Stuyvesant High School in Battery Park City

The scoop: Sophomore Taylor has a lot on her plate for a 15-year-old. She juggles an intense afterschool schedule of gymnastics, pre-professional dance, and rigorous academics. But Taylor has more on her mind than extra-curricular activities. She’s the only public school attendee of the bunch. Fitting in with the private school crowd isn’t always easy, but Taylor doesn’t mind crashing parties. She’s also said she’s “no good at relationships” so prepare to see some boy drama along the way.
Taylor says: “It takes a lot to survive in a New York City High School… you need to know who to get on your good side and who to not to get on your bad side.”
Fun fact: Taylor’s celeb crush is Nick Jonas!

As a reminder, while the show’s title is NYC Prep, none of the schools allowed filming and they are not identified by name on the show. The focus of the show is on the students’ lives, not the schools themselves.

Here are the preview specials for the show:

As a parent-focused blog, we highlight one of the parent reactions from the BravoTV.com Message Boards by AZKookala:

As a parent I say this show is a crime against youth.
They are capitalizing on dysfunctional children.
The parents I saw seem to have wanted the kids, but not the inconvenience that comes with them; untill they produce something of value. Those bio-donors and baby carriers are beneath the filth of my pond. They have money? So what.
If you have kids you raise them to adulthood and are responsible for them untill they are adults. The lives these so called “parents” live has allowed their children to be raised self absorbed teens, leading destructive lives and called adults a few years early because the responsible parties don’t want to bother with the rest of the raising them to adulthood part.
As a parent I wonder “Is this why Paris turned out so wrong?”

What shocks me more is “Professionals from Bravo” had to have filmed this! If the trailor suggestions are true “Professionals From Bravo” watched teens consume alchohol until oblivion, do unknown drugs and filmed closed doors of sexual encounters. How sick is that?
Does Bravo condone underage consumption, teen drug use and implied teen sex?

Bravo is BLOCKED!!!!

There have been many questions about and reactions to the show across the internet and in the halls of NYC Firm Schools, including: What are the motivations of these students and their families to participate in this show? How are the students and administrators from the schools these students attend responding to the show? How are the cast members reacting to the comments about them, particularly the negative ones? How might this show impact the reputation of NYC Firm Schools, already perceived as “elite”? How representative are these students of NYC Private School students? How might this decision by the students’ parents to give consent to participate now affect the students’ lives later? How did the show deal with underage drinking? What role should/do parents play in these teenagers’ lives? How do we morally, ethically, and legally think about parental “neglect”? How will this show be received by audiences given the current state of the economy?…………

Here are few possible answers:
From amNew York:

“I don’t worry. I thought it would be a great learning experience for her … She could write about it for a college essay,” said Elise, the mother of Kelli Tomashoff, who thinks the show will help the 17-year-old’s singing career.

Diana Kirschner, a Manhattan psychologist, disagreed. “It’s scary. Teenagers are attuned to feedback from the outside world. They become troubled from this kind of exposure.”

For “NYC Prep,” producers spent several months following the 15- to 18-year-olds as they partied, shopped and dined in tony spots. Educators did not grant permission to film at the schools, and really, little of brat pack’s lives seem to involve academics.

The teens are shown drinking what appears to be champagne. Executive producer Scott Stone said they only were served alcohol in countries where it is legal. Still, the show’s stars talk about their cache of fake IDs, a potential landmine for getting into a good college.

“It could be detrimental and backfire,” said Sheri Mural, a private college admissions consultant. “Top schools have many well-qualified candidates.”

During a recent sneak peek of the show, however, the students expressed no regrets.

“I think all of us could care less what people say about us,” said Taylor DiGiovanni, a Stuyvesant High School sophomore and the show’ lone public-school student.

From The Wrap.com:

“The obsession to be on TV is like the obsession to use drugs and alcohol,” Miami psychologist Dr. Jamie Huysman told TheWrap. “It’s just a symptom of a much deeper emotional problem, and the sufferer’s malaise infects the entire family.”

Huysman, who has a special practice in which he treats victims of reality shows and their families, says he has treated over 800 people since he founded AfterTVCare in 1992.

“Reality shows open wounds which no one can suture, so after your appearance, you’re left to bleed to death,” he said. “In effect, everyone who appears is thrown out of the lifeboat when their segment ends. “For everyone who appears — winners and losers alike — the lights go down, clinical issues remain.

From Woman Around Town, who attended a preview for the first episode at the Paley Center for Media:

When someone in the audience asked whether, given the fact that much of the country is suffering financially, the producers were worried about a backlash, Andy Cohen shrugged off any such concerns. “Bravo is about presenting a world of fashion, food and culture. We are not CNN and we’re not `Flip This Trailer.’ That’s not what sells.”

For those of you interested in NY State laws regarding alcohol, The New York State Liquor Authority has a brochure entitled:“Alcohol and Your Child, Information Every Parent Should Know”

Certainly, we invite your reactions, questions, and answers in our comments section.

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