Jewish Community Unites For Ramaz

by NYC Firm Schools on August 23, 2011

On July 11, a blazing fire destroyed the Upper East Side building that houses Kehilath Jeshurun and The Ramaz School.

While no one was injured in the fire, it left many students with no place to study. That is, until Temple Emanu-El (Reform; Mayor Bloomberg attends) offered its building to Ramaz’s first through fourth grades. Rent will be $1 for two months. Park Avenue Synagogue (Conservative) will also host Ramaz’s nursery school rent free.

Ramaz is a Modern Orthodox school. Thanks to the generosity of other denominations within the Jewish faith, they will be able to use school space at Conservative and Reform institutions until they can get back on their proverbial feet. The incident has given the three denominations a renewed sense of brotherhood.

(Source) The arrangement could provide the basis for an ongoing relationship between Ramaz and Temple Emanu-El, who have never worked together before, said Mark Weisstuch, Emanu-El’s administrative vice-president.

“It’s this whole feeling of achdut (brotherhood),” Rochlin said. “It’s bringing together Orthodox, Reform and Conservative institutions to do something so important, educating our children and making sure we don’t miss a beat.”

This is not the first time a disaster has brought divergent religious groups together. It probably won’t be the last. All religious groups see education of their children as vitally important. Joining hands to solve a problem in the midst of crisis is the best way for all to meet their goals and to see that children are nurtured into adulthood successfully.

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