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by NYC Firm Schools on July 16, 2011

The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services provides mental health and social services to a diverse population in New York City. Located on West 50th Street in New York City, the center offers services for adults and children.

Among the programs the center offers the surrounding community are children and adolescent services and early childhood learning. The Childhood Development and Learning Center is one of the largest aspects of the center’s community services.

The center offers developmental assessments for young children, therapeutic educational programs, remediation, counseling, and consulting services.

Starting with infants, the center treats every child as an individual member of a family and a community.

JBFCS provides outpatient care if necessary, early intervention, and a special education program for children ages 2-6 using itinerant teachers. Students in the program have a variety of needs including developmental, neurological, emotional, and behavioral. Through the center’s professional faculty and staff, children learn how to overcome their challenges, which include autism spectrum disorders, pervasive development disorders, language and learning difficulties, and other cognitive, behavioral, and emotional challenges.

JBFCS also offers a learning resource center for parents and teachers seeking information on developmental disorders.

For a full list of programs offered by JBFCS for children with developmental challenges, consult the JBFCS website.

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