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Nursery School Admissions Videos

The Daily Show (Wednesday June 30, 2004): Corddry – Nursery Crimes
“Children overstressed by the competitive Manhattan pre-school environment often crap themselves.”

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Corddry – Nursery Crimes
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“Nursery University,” a documentary from Marc Simon and Mathew Makar, which opened in NYC on April 24, 2009. It deals with the New York City preschool admissions process.

“Dr. Kim Har, director of childhood education at Aristotle Circle, demonstrates a playgroup prep session. Most private pre-schools in New York City require a session like this for admission.”

NDTV’s “Nursery admissions run begins” (New Delhi, India; Dec. 16, 2009) “Nursery admission process has begun in the capital and will continue till March 31 next year.”

IBNLive’s “Nursery admissions burn big hole in pocket” (Mumbai, India; Dec. 17, 2009) “Brand value and quality of Firm Schools come at a price”

NDTV’s “Parents protest against nursery admissions” (New Delhi, India; Feb. 1., 2009) “This weekend is critical for those Delhi parents whose 3-year-olds are waiting to find out if they’ve got into nursery. Top Delhi schools including Shri Ram and Modern school will release their admission lists. And for those who’ve been left out by a system that’s often described as unfair, there’s finally a chance to fight back, or at least protest.”

NDTV’s “Mumbai: The pre-school admission stress” – (Mumbai, India; Jan. 21, 2010) “Mumbai is in the grip of admission fever as scores of parents camp outside schools, only to get the admission forms.”

NDTV’s “NurseryAdmissions.Com” (New Delhi, India; Nov. 2, 2010)