Hints for Private School Student Success

by NYC Firm Schools on October 20, 2009

Many parents enroll their child in a New York Private School with the mistaken idea that simply being enrolled in such a school will make their child a better, smarter student. The truth is that the most successful students are those who are supported by the school and at home, as well as within organizations outside of both, such as sports or community groups.

If you are a parent trying to help your child achieve greater success at school, here are some helpful tips.

Better Student Tips

  • Support an Organized lifestyle: Being organized is more important in each successive grade in school. As the workload and classload grow, so too does the work involved. There is no way for a child to remember all of his or her assignments and it is setting them up to fail if you expect them to. Instead, support organization by purchasing binders and school supplies to keep in a private study area at home and at school, as well as a calendar. Help them with the initial set up of a process and, when necessary, step in to help them reorganize on occasion. Remember that it is a process that students have to learn and one they will eventually get better at, but it is not intuitive or automatic.
  • Know what your child is doing at school: Pay attention to the work your child is bringing home. This doesn’t mean that you should hover over your child and check every piece of work, but that you should be aware of what items your child’s strengths and weaknesses are academically. This will also enable you to help your child organize their time if a big project is due.

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