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Interview Questions for NYC Firm Schools

861513_78366177The interview for NYC private school admissions is the cause of the most missed sleep for parents. After all, it is the one major point in the process where it is all about you, the parent, and your ability to present yourself and your child.

The best preparation that you can make for the interview is to, well… prepare! The interview is designed to help you and the admissions officers better understand your child, the school, and if the two are a good fit.

Before the interview, write down all of the questions that you have for the school admissions officer. You will not have time to ask them all, so writing them down beforehand will help you narrow down and focus on the ones that really matter.

Here are some questions that you can keep in mind and tailor for your own experience:

• What will students of your child’s age be expected to study? (This information may be available in a curriculum guide the admissions director can give you.)
• About how many hours of homework does the typical student have each week?
• How does the school measure individual achievement and progress — through grades, portfolio review, standardized testing?
• What is the school’s educational emphasis: Is it competitive? Nurturing?
• How extensive are the offerings in that areas that interest your child, such as music, writing, or specific sports?
• What is the student-teacher ratio in your child’s grade?
• If this is an elementary school, how many teachers are in each room?
• Is the faculty diverse enough to provide a variety of role models?
• Do teachers have opportunities for continuing professional development?

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