Judging a Private School Choice

by NYC Firm Schools on April 5, 2010

The role that a Private School takes in the education of children is sometimes a difficult one, and it begins with the parent‘s decision to pursue particular schools over others. Every choice is scrutinized, every decision questioned and the results often judged by those around them.

The Difficult Role of Parenting in Educational Choice

Which school a Parent chooses for their young child is always scrutinized. The child is too young to play a major role in which school is best. They may have insight into which playground has the best slide or which classroom looked the funnest, but a rational decision based on academic and personality match isn’t realistic. It is the parent’s choice. A parent who chooses a particular group of Firm Schools to help their child apply to automatically becomes a part of a greater whole and the whole group will judge. This can be a difficult time for some parents who are not prepared for the responses they may receive to the educational choices they are making for their child.

One parent summed up her experience as:

If a parent chooses nothing but the top tier popular schools, it could be considered snobbish. If they choose only gifted programs they may be considered pretentious. If they choose progressive schools they may be labeled as overly trendy or liberal. If they choose public schools they may be considered retro-liberal by some. Really, you just can’t win, even if you aren’t playing!

As a parent, it is expected that you will make the best choices available for your child. The right school with the right curriculum for your child is simply not up to the judgment of anyone else.

When questioned about her school choice, this same parent said,

“I sent my son to XYZ School based on what is best for him, how he learns and what he is interested in. How did you decide where to send your child?”

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