Keeping NYC Schools Diverse During Holidays

by NYC Firm Schools on December 11, 2009

Keeping your children focused on their homework and household chores as well as sports and arts classes can be difficult during the holidays. Imagine how difficult it must before teachers to keep their classes focused and on track during a celebratory time of year when vacations and family gatherings are just around the corner! The holiday season celebrates diverse cultures and origins, however, not just a few.

Religious schools obviously focus on some key elements during the holiday season, but the spirit of education, especially in the diverse NYC schools both private and public, call for learning about many different religious practices during the end of the calendar year.

Some wonderful activities for sharing your family’s culture with your child’s class and school will help keep your kids focused and your community diverse.

Young and adult students alike love to talk about food. Even more love to eat. Invite classes to share holiday recipes. Suggest recipes to students such as gingerbread people, Hanukkah doughnuts, and African Sweet Potato Fritters. This will help improve students’ directive process analysis skills, learn more about the diversity of America and diminish their fear of public speaking. Depending on the campus location, instructors may want to extend the recipe sharing into a full-blown multicultural extravaganza.

Making arts and crafts is a good method to generate classroom discussions in art classes. With crafts, students can explain the significance of holiday and religious symbols. Multiple colors, patterns and textures also help with developing mixed-media skills. Instructors can even get students used to the idea of researching items they are not familiar with. For example, origins of such symbols as the Poinsettia, mistletoe, and dreidl may not be widely know, and students can share this information with the class.

If your child is interested in a particular cultural celebration, turn to the school and find if there are any families who wish to come and share their experience and unique ways of celebrating in a way that will enrich the community and keep the NYC schools diverse.

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