NAIS Principles for Parents and Schools

by NYC Firm Schools on December 20, 2009

NYC Firm Schools are so successful because they have a longstanding tradition of working with their families and students to create the best educational environment for each individual student. There is so much focus on finding the right school for your child that many forget the simple fact that schools are trying to find the right students and families for their facility, too.
Parents, students and schools work with each other to make educational goals attainable and then go beyond.

The National Association of Independent Schools released a document about the Principles of Good Practice for schools and families to work, together, towards the right education.

Parents Working with Schools
Parents recognize that effective partnerships are characterized by clearly defined responsibilities, a shared commitment to collaboration, open lines of communication, mutual respect, and a common vision of the goals to be reached.
In selecting an independent school, parents seek an optimal match for the needs of the student, their own expectations, and the philosophy and programs of the school.
Parents are familiar with and support the school’s policies and procedures.
Parents provide a home environment that supports the development of positive learning attitudes and habits.
Parents involve themselves in the life of the school.
Parents seek and value the school’s perspective on the student.
When concerns arise, parents seek information directly from the school, consulting with those best able to address the concerns.
Parents share with the school any religious, cultural, medical, or personal information that the school may need to serve the student best.

Parents must take on certain responsibilities in the education of their own children. Learning does not begin when a child passes through the threshold of the school, but from the moment they are born.

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