NYC Private School Water Cooler Praise

by NYC Firm Schools on November 8, 2009

The Private School “Water Cooler” mainly consists of groups of parents that talk about their children and schools. Parks, restaurants, lobbies and elevators, they all serve as impromptu microcosms of NYC educational lifestyles.

In one recent water cooler conversation, two mothers were discussing their satisfaction with their children’s recent switch from public school to private.

After years of sitting on the fence, we finally decided that we would apply to Private this year. Honestly, if I had known the school was going to be this wonderful I would have switched him years ago. I’m just about kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

This mother’s story has been echoed by a few others that took advantage of the educational benefits of private schooling for their children this year.

I just didn’t think it was a big deal for the littler ones. Who needs multiple languages in Kindergarten and state of the art facilities? They’re learning their letters, what good is a sciences program when they can’t read yet? I told myself all these things, but now, seeing the change in him, it’s amazing. He’s interested, he’s engaged, he wants to learn. I think that, because his new school offers so many great programs and different opportunities, he’s never bored, always curious. I really wish I had switched him sooner.

It is true that the beginning education of children has common themes and elements, but the environment in which children learn is another matter all together. An interesting, changing, evolving and fascinating academic program is engages even the youngest of students and creates a precedence of educational curiosity. That is the foundation of learning.

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