NYC School Technology and Backpack Mail

by NYC Firm Schools on March 20, 2009

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Technology use in NYC Schools isn’t just a subject that children are studying and learning. Technology is also becoming a major factor in communication between schools, students and students’ parents.

I recently came across a blog from a NYC mom that very amusingly detailed all the ways in which parents can communicate with the world, and the ways in which these lines of communication can be simply and easily derailed by a small piece of paper.

I’ll check my email, I use the telephone, I’ll send a text message, I’ll go onto the interwebs for my google calendar, news sites, blogs, twitter, facebook, and lots of other nice things. I’ve got my iGoogle pages for all of my feeds, my twitter widget, my calendar and email, and all of the blogs I like to watch, and my ning social networking sites. I’m on instant messenger all day and some nights, and I’ll post a status message on LinkedIn every so often. And I can get most if not all of this information on my phone, and send it back out too. Oh, right…and then there’s that snail mail, which can be useful at times when it’s not a rush and needs to be on paper.
But wait, I forgot one…the flyer at the very bottom of the middle pocket in my daughter’s backpack! This has now become the main mode of passing school communication back and forth in our NYC school.

With advances in communication technology changing the ways the social world receives and sends information, we often forget about the time-honored tradition of the backpack flyer.

Many NYC schools do have advanced communication processes in place between the school, individual classrooms and parents, but don’t forget that a piece of paper in a backpack is an almost sure possibility.

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