Parent and NYC Private School Admissions Forms

by NYC Firm Schools on February 13, 2009

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Admissions forms for application into a New York Private School can certainly vary school to school, however many of the forms follow the same basic format and request the same general type of information. It is easy to assemble many parts of the admissions forms, especially those which are essentially transcripts and testing scores, however the more personal the nature of the form, the more difficult it is to complete it.

Parent Statements/Questionnaire on NYC Private School Admissions Forms

Many older children abhor the student essay part of higher NYC Private School admissions forms, and for the same reason, many parents do not look forward to the parent statement/questionnaire that many schools request. The answers to such statements are objective and personal but the real reason most people don’t like these parts of the admissions packets is that there is no right or wrong answer. The quality of your response is judged by the person reading it, over which you have no control.

First of all, schools don’t require this part of the admissions packet simply out of the sheer joy of torturing you and causing sleepless nights. The intent behind this form is to find out more about your child from the one source who (presumably) knows them best, their parents. The schools are looking at your answers to get a better idea of what your concerns and educational objectives are for your child.

Ensuring that both your goals for your child and the schools’ goals for the child match expectations is an important part of the process of finding which school and philosophy best suit each student.

Parent questionnaires on NYC Firm Schools Applications forms can be stressful.

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