Parent Inteviews during the Tour: The No-No’s

by NYC Firm Schools on November 2, 2008

Some of the Firm Schools in NYC conduct initial parent interviews during the scheduled school tour. Admittedly this can be a bit of a hassle for parents who want to tour the school first and get an idea if it is a good fit for their child, but if a desired school wants an interview, you just have to go with it.

Many parents email us to ask about how much a parent interview is weighed on their child’s application. After all, it is the child trying to gain acceptance to the school, not the parents. Mom and Dad just write the checks, right? But no, that isn’t the case. Parents are a vital part of a private school’s environment in many ways, and so private school admissions does weigh the parent interview heavily.

That being said, is it possible for a parent to blow a good student’s chances of admission? Yes, it is. According to numerous interviews with admissions staff, here is a list of some of the biggest “No-No” mistakes that parents can make during the admission process:

Calling the admissions office too often or failing to return calls from the admissions staff
1. Bragging about business or social contacts
2. Badmouthing your child’s current school
3. Badmouthing the child’s current teachers
4. Lying about the child’s needs or downplaying their needs (the truth will come out on the transcripts anyway!)
5. Asking questions such as “Is this school better than (School)?”
6. Not making time for a school visit.
7. Being late for appointments, or, even worse, canceling
8. Missing the application or testing deadlines

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