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by NYC Firm Schools on February 14, 2009

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Applying to some New York City Firm Schools can be stressful for those parents that are asked to complete a Parent Questionnaire in the Admissions packet. The Parent Questionnaire is simply that, a series of questions designed to help the school gaing a better understanding about the goals and philosophies of the applying student and their parent(s).

The questions on this type of admissions form vary from school to schools, but most of the questions are the general “getting to know you” type with an emphasis and focus on a deeper understanding of the child and family. There is no right or wrong answers, they are all objective. That is perhaps the most obvious reason that parents dread filling this form out.

Typical questions on the Parent Questionnaire in NYC Private School Admission Forms:

  • What are your child’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your educational goals for your child?
  • What are your child’s favorite activities?
  • Is the entire family involved in these activities?
  • What is your primary reason for considering (XYZ) school for your child?
  • What are the names and ages of any siblings, and what schools are they attending now?
  • What level of involvement do you plan on having in your child’s education?
  • Are there any specific concerns that you have about your child?
  • Name one area that you wish your child to develop

From these sample questions, you can easily see that the schools are attempting to get a better picture of what your goals for your child are, and where they might be met by the school. They are also, however, formulating a better picture of how involved you are as a partner in your child’s education.

As with any essay or subjective document, you should first answer all the questions as honestly as possible and then put the draft away for at least 24 hours before you re-read and then revise. What looks good on the NYC Private School Parent Questionnaire now, may not look good when you read it again tomorrow.

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