Schools and Parents Working Together

by NYC Firm Schools on December 21, 2009

NYC Firm Schools can be competitive and difficult to gain admissions to because they work hard to find students and families that are the right match to the school. A school has a unique philosophy of education and specific goals for the school itself and its student body. Even if an applicant has the best of scores on all admissions tests and is polite, knowledgeable and wonderful during an interview, the school still may not admit the child simply because the personality of the child and family are not a good match to the schools’ goals.

A school is successful because it works in concert with a family to educate the children and provide the right environment. For those schools who are a part of the National Association of Independent Schools, a document was created called the Principles of Good Practice . This document helps set guides for schools and families to work together towards the right education.

Schools Working with Parents

The school recognizes that effective partnerships are characterized by clearly defined responsibilities, a shared commitment to collaboration, open lines of communication, mutual respect, and a common vision of the goals to be reached.
The school clearly and fully presents its philosophy, program, and practices to parents during the admission process and encourages dialogue that clarifies parental expectations and aspirations for the student.
The school seeks and values the parents’ perspective on the student.
Teachers and administrators are accessible to parents and model candid and open dialogue.
The school keeps parents well informed through systematic reports, conferences, publications, and informal conversations.
The school defines clearly how it involves parents when considering major decisions that affect the school community.
The school offers and supports a variety of parent education opportunities.
The school suggests effective ways for parents to support the educational process.
The school actively seeks the knowledge it needs to work effectively with a diverse parent body.
The NAIS Principles of Good Practice for member schools define high standards and ethical behavior in key areas of school operations to guide schools in becoming the best education communities they can be. Accordingly, membership in NAIS is contingent upon agreement to abide by “the spirit” of the PGPs. Principles are precepts grounded in an ethic and ethos of “doing the right thing.” Practices are common activities.

You can view the entire document of Principles of Good Practice from the NAIS website to learn more about how schools and families can work together more effectively.

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