The Private School Choice is Now

by NYC Firm Schools on March 15, 2010

With tightened budgets, many young families are struggling with the decision to put their young child in a NYC Private School or start them in a public school and assist in their educational development as much as possible.

One group of parents recently gathered to talk about their upcoming choices for education beyond the preschool years and into university years ahead.

We can pay for Private School, but it will mean that there’s nothing left to put aside for college. I’m not sure I can justify spending all that money now and then when its time for college have nothing to give our kids. If I save now, I can afford to put money away for college while they are in public school.

That reasoning has been repeated by worried parents all across the nation in recent years. For many, the choice seems like a trade – a This or That but not Both scenario. It is not quite that simple, however. The basics that are laid forth now in your child’s formative academic years are the groundwork for a lifetime of loving to learn, knowing how to learn and wanting to excel. The early years are important, vitally so, and the best possible education is a gift that every young child can take with them to middle school, high school, college years and Grad school and beyond.

My daughter attends private school and what’s more important to me NOW is her education. We do try to save a little for college, but realistically they will have to explore their financial options for college in the future. Their time is now; college is where they will reap the rewards of their hard work and learn the meaning of financial aid.

Private School Education during the early years provides a solid foundation and basis for good work habits and advanced academic training

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