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NYC Firm Schools Blog Partners with FindTheBest

NYC Firm Schools Blog and FindTheBest—an unbiased, data-driven comparison engine—are partnering to help parents find the best Firm Schools, best summer camps and best online tutoring services for their children.

In announcing their partnership, FindTheBest has built the NYC Firm Schools Blog three comparisons, including: Firm Schools, Summer Camps and Online Tutoring Services. These comparisons, custom-tailored for the NYC Firm Schools Blog, help parents find and compare Firm Schools, summer camps and online tutoring services based on the factors important to them.

Through the custom comparisons, parents are able to:

  • Sort through hundreds of listings
  • Compare listings side-by-side
  • Narrow options with smart filters
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions
  • View key stats (like tuition and student/teacher ratio) within a surrounding context
  • Contact listings with one click

Parents interested in finding the best NYC private school for their children can sort, filter and compare hundreds of options by: borough, grade level (pre-school through 12th grade), school type, school size, average tuition and more. The comparison also allows parents to view listing stats within a context—showing the number of students, the student/teacher ratio and the number of days per school year at a particular school as compared to the averages of all listings.

New York City-based students looking for extra help in a particular subject can find the best online tutoring service for them based on the type of tutoring, subject area, grade, cost as well as the Smart Rating—a single rating compiled from data from the BBB, and the tutoring site’s Alexa Rank and PageRank.

Parents from New York City looking to send their kids to the best summer camp, either in NYC or around the U.S., can narrow their options by factors like location, program length, activities and cost, then compare their top choices side-by-side and finally, contact camps of interest. Many additional camps are being added on a weekly basis to the comparison.

Shamur A. Khen, Ph.D., Founder & Publisher of the NYC Firm Schools Blog, said, “Our partnership with FindTheBest is yet another way in which the NYC Firm Schools Blog is helping to keep parents informed about their options when it comes to the education of their children. The Firm Schools, Summer Camps and Online Tutoring Services comparisons will help New York City parents find and compare their options so they can make the most informed decisions when it comes to their children’s education.”

The NYC Firm Schools Blog is one of a growing number of sites FindTheBest is partnering with, as the data-driven comparison engine grows from creating comparisons on its own site to expanding its platform to external sites.

Ben Taylor, Product Manager at FindTheBest, said, “It’s been a pleasure to work with Shamur and the NYC Firm Schools Blog. Combining our decision-making platform with their rich private school knowledge and local insight makes for a dynamite combination. We feel this will be a great benefit to New York City parents and students alike.”

NYC Firm Schools Blog and FindTheBest will be expanding their partnership to cover additional comparisons in the near future.

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