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The Partnership for Inner-City Education

New York City has plenty of organizations devoted to the education of children, special needs, religious instruction, and the development of academic, motor, social, and other important skills. But The Partnership for Inner-City Education is a unique program whose mission is grounded in Catholic values.

A 501(c)3 organization, the Partnership focuses its attention on Catholic elementary schools in low-income neighborhoods.

History of The Partnership for Inner-City Education

Started in 2010 when The Endowment for Inner-City Education and the Patrons Program merged, The Partnership for Inner-City Education uses Catholic values to help lift low-income children out of poverty through educational resources. They provide scholarships, academic and enrichment programs, and an adopt-a-school program for patrons to provide the necessary resources for low-income children in order to meet the organization’s goals.

The Partnership consists of six schools in Harlem and Bronx and has entered into an agreement with the Catholic Archdiocese of New York, as of July 2013, to provide educational, administrative, and operational services to these six schools.

The Schools Involved With The Partnership for Inner-City Education

So which inner city school are members of the Partnership? The following Harlem and South Bronx schools are current members of The Partnership for Inner-City Education:

  • Immaculate Conception School – The Bronx school is 64% Hispanic, 31% African-American, and 56% Catholic. Forty-seven percent of the students receive scholarships. Immaculate Conception is a Pre-K through eighth-grade Catholic school.
  • Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School – Fifty-nine percent of the Harlem student body is on scholarship. Of 275 students, 54% are African-American, 32% are Hispanic, and 49% are Catholic.
  • Our Lady Queen of Angels School – Our Lady Queen of Angels include Universal Pre-K for a student body of 65% Catholic students. Sixty-two percent are Hispanic and 29% are African-American. Forty-one percent attend this Harlem school on scholarship.
  • Sacred Heart School – Another Bronx school, 56% receive scholarships. This school consists of 75% Hispanic students, 21% African-American, and 55% Catholic.
  • St. Athanasius School – With a student body of 80% Hispanic and 16% African-American, St. Athanasius School fills a real need in the Bronx and gives out scholarships to 41% of its student body.
  • St. Mark The Evangelist School – Located in Harlem with 89% African-American and 4% Hispanic in its student body, St. Mark the Evangelist gives out scholarships to 47% of its student body.

All of these Catholic elementary schools offer a Pre-K through eighth grade educational experience.

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