10 Brooklyn Day Care Centers

by NYC Firm Schools on September 26, 2010

Day care centers come in a variety of styles and flavors. They can be associated with a particular religion or a specific sect of a religion. Or they may not be associated religiously at all. Sometimes a particular church or house of worship could run its own day care center.

Other day care centers may be owned by a private entity – either an individual or a corporation – or owned by a municipality, school district or other public institution. They may be open or closed. That is, they could be open for public enrollment or only cater to a specific audience that consists of members of the institution.

Furthermore, a day care center could offer full-time, part-time or after school care. They could serve any age range from infant to preschool. Some offer specialized services for disabled children or other considerations and others provide alternative meals, special fitness programs, nap times or other services. Shop around to find the right day care center for your family.

Here is a list of 10 day centers serving Brooklyn, New York. It’s just a starting off point as you research day care centers that could meet your needs.

  1. ABC Day Care Center, located at 1015 Church Ave., Brooklyn 718-284-5168
  2. Happy Hours Day Care, located at 275 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn 718-638-5990
  3. Brooklyn College Day Care Center, located at 2806 Glenwood Rd., Brooklyn 718-434-1693
  4. Yeled V’yalda Day Care Center, located at 12 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn 718-392-0905
  5. Rogers Avenue Preschool, located at 775 Rogers Ave., Brooklyn 718-703-4312
  6. Tiny Tots Nursery Service, located at 242 Albany Ave., Brooklyn 718-774-1713
  7. Children’s Therapy Corner, located at 1102 52nd St., Brooklyn 718-437-2240
  8. Big Apple Day School, located at 8702 Avenue L, Brooklyn 718-763-9300
  9. Nuestros Ninos Child Development School, located at 384 S. 4th St., Brooklyn 718-963-1555
  10. Blessed Sacrament Learning Camp, located at 10 Pine St., Brooklyn 718-827-4362

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