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10 Yeshivot And Hebrew Schools In Queens

Queens has a plethora of yeshivot. Traditionally, yeshivot are Hebrew educational facilities that provide instruction in Hebrew texts. Modern Judaism has allowed for some yeshivot to also educate girls. Here is a list of Hebrew schools located in Queens, NYC.

  1. Yeshiva Ketana of Queens – A grade school for boys.
  2. Yeshiva of Bell Harbor – Pre-kindergarten through eighth grade; admits boys and girls.
  3. Yeshiva Har Torah – Co-ed school offering classes for kindergarten through eighth grade.
  4. Jewish Institute Of Queens – Provides kindergarten through eighth grade instruction for boys and kindergarten through twelfth grade for girls.
  5. Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim – A high school for boys.
  6. Shevach High School – A high school for girls.
  7. Yeshiva Education For Special Students – Co-educational special education program.
  8. Yeshiva Ohel Simcha – A pre-kindergarten through third grade program for boys.
  9. Bais Yaakov Academy for Girls – All girl yeshiva with educational programs for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.
  10. Ezra Academy – A co-ed high school.

Each yeshiva focuses on its own mission with emphasis on the Hebrew texts considered important by its own rabbinical traditions. Most yeshivot, however, provide some instruction of the Torah and essential Hebrew texts and approach the lessons from an orthodox perspective. Some variation is to be expected and parents should do their own research.

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