HSPT New York Private School Admissions Tests

by NYC Firm Schools on February 8, 2009

Applying to any of NYC Firm Schools can seem like something of a marathon run of applications, forms, references letters, and above all, tests and exams. Applications to and of New York’s private Catholic High Schools requires specific tests itself.

There are three common Catholic high school admissions tests

  1. 1. CHSEE (formally known as the COOP test) is the Catholic High School Entrance Exam
  2. 2. HSPT is the High School Placement Test
  3. 3. TACHS is the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools

The HSPT is the acronym for the High School Placement Test . This test is a comprehensive placement test that is administered to eighth-grade students for placement in ninth grade. The HSPT testing advocates state that this test “ provides a maximum amount of information in only one morning’s testing time.”

The High School Placement Test, or HSPT, is published in two forms: the Closed Form and the Open Form. The test is revised each year and the Closed HSPT is available only as part of a lease/score program. The Closed HSPT works as a program, and if your proposed school is in that program, they can lease Closed HSPT materials and receive the Closed HSPT Standard Scoring Service at no additional cost. In this program, additional services include Performance Profiles, Individual and Group Item Analysis Reports, and standard reports for alternate groups are available. By using a special answer sheet, a school can also receive lists of student addresses, address labels, and notification forms.
The Closed HSPT provides national normative measures in the following cognitive and basic skills areas: verbal and quantitative skills, reading, mathematics, and language.

The optional tests available are:

  1. 1. Science (25 min.)
  2. 2. Mechanical aptitude (15 min.)
  3. 3. Catholic religion (20 min.) (This is the one your child’s Catholic School will be looking at closely!)

Cognitive skills quotients (CSQs), standard scores, national and local percentiles, as well as grade equivalents are standard features of Closed HSPT reports.

The HSPT is just one of the tests that a Catholic School may require for placement in
One of New York’s Firm Schools.

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