A General Timeline for Applications to Firm Schools

by NYC Firm Schools on October 19, 2008

For parents interesting in having their children apply to Firm Schools next year, there are some general timelines that can be mapped out and planned for.

For children applying for private school spots in the Kindergarten and 1st grade levels, parents can begin now by asking BTDT parents about their experiences last year and trying to get a feel for the kinds of factors that may have played a role in a successful applications.

Summer: Get it all Together!

Beginning in early summer, you should request admissions materials from your prospective schools. For those schools that do not require an application to tour the facility, call them and schedule a tour. Make sure ask questions about their admissions procedure.

Schedule your child’s ERB testing, and any other tests that the schools of your choice may request.

Mid Summer to Early Fall: Apply!

Mid summer to early fall, generally August through late October, is the time to send in those applications. Check with each school directly, on their website if possible, to find out if they have a submission deadline. Do not submit your application after the deadline!

Fall: Right This Way!

Fall is when many schools offer their open houses for parents and families to tour the facilities. Some schools request reservations for their Open Houses, so check with the website or published materials to find out the dates and requirements for each school you plan on sending applications to. Parent/Child interviews and private tours are also schedule at this time of year.

The actual parent/child interviews and private group tours are held from early September through late November.

Winter: The Envelope, Please!

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