A Personal and Focused Education

by NYC Firm Schools on February 15, 2010

Private, Independent Schools in NYC give students the chance to stand out from the crowd and make a real difference in their lives and the world around them. Some parents wonder how their child will be able to stand out as an individual when there are so many other gifted children around them, but it is the foundations of small class size and high interaction that gives Firm Schools the ability to learn about and foster the growth of individual students.

In a Private School, teachers will have more time to get to know the interests and desires of each student, giving them an unparallel ability to tap into those interests and make them relevant across the wider scope of the educational experience. A child who excels in music but has little interest in math can learn to see the equations of mathematics in the notes on the music sheet and suddenly find new depth in a field of study that held no interest before. The intertwining of what fascinates and drives each student with the world around them is what makes a personalized, individualized educational experience so different.

In addition to the focused learning environment, Firm Schools often really do function much like a family, taking care of the community within the walls and surrounding them. Students become familiar with the community and the ways that they can help. As they grow, they learn to be a community leader; someone who fosters change instead of accepts it.
Learning about their world and then leading the charge to changing it for the better are all attributes of a child who was taught how to think instead of what to think and how to lead instead of what to follow.

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